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Creative Solutions for Beautiful and Young-Looking Eyes

The eyes are among the body parts that are mostly taken for granted. In this technology-driven world where most of the jobs require you to stare at a computer monitor for hours on end, the eyes can get easily strained and tired, which can result in dark circles under eyes and fine lines also known as crow’s feet.

Fortunately though, there are loads of ways you can keep your eyes beautiful and young-looking. Here we give you creative, out-of-the-norm solutions that don’t involve makeup or eye enhancers to keep your eyes looking attractive than ever.

• Cucumbers – Placing cucumbers on your eyes for soothing relief may be considered an old method, but it sure does effectively reduce the puffiness of your eyes and provides you a fresher and renewed appearance.

• Teabags – Yes, cucumbers aren’t the only items from the kitchen that you can use for your eyes. Instead of throwing your tea bags away after brewing tea, you can cool them in the refrigerator first and place them on your eyes. Tea’s numerous health properties and antioxidants can help keep the skin around your eye taut. They also trim down the swelling of your eyes.

• Cold spoon – A spoon is another item from the kitchen you can use for your eyes. Pressing a spoon (which has been cooled in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes) against the swollen part of your eye provides instant relief and less puffy eyes. This procedure can be repeated over and over. Don’t forget to leave the spoon in the fridge for a couple of minutes again though if it starts to warm up.

• Rose water – Tired eyes? Get therapeutic relief by making rose water eye pads. Simply dip a cotton wool into cold rose water and press them against your eyes.

• Mineral water – Refresh your tired eyes every day by bathing your eyes in cool mineral water three to four times a day.

• Herb Salad Dressing – Concoct a mixture of finely chopped parsley and a little sour cream in a cheesecloth. Apply the cloth to the puffy area of your eye for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Repeating the procedure two to three times a week can produce actual, visible results.

• Potato – Don’t like cucumbers? Why not try potatoes instead? To prevent discoloration around tired eyes and reduce puffiness, place thin slices of raw potatoes rinsed in cold water over closed eyes.

Welcome to Mid Town Toronto for the Fit and Health Conscious

We know a great city when we see one. Toronto isn’t just ranked among the top cities in the world because of its abundant opportunities, livability, spirit of innovation, and cosmopolitan appeal. What really makes Toronto a wonderful place to live, is its strong and vibrant neighborhoods, art, culture, great cafes, restaurants, and outdoor activities that seem to be everywhere.

If you’re looking to buy a home in the Midtown area of Toronto, you’ll sure to be joining a healthy array of mature neighbourhoods like Forest Hill, Yorkville, Rosedale, South Hill, and Summerhill, to name just a few.

These communities are teaming with wonderful family-friendly activities, fitness gyms, healthy restaurants and convenient outdoor accommodations that is just waiting to be discovered.

Midtown has evolved into one of the most popular areas to live, work, and play. The area stretches from Bloor Street to the south, Lawrence Avenue to the north, Bayview Avenue to the east and Spadina/Bathurst to the west, encompassing Old Town and some of the region’s robust business communities, cultural treasures and some of the area’s most exclusive neighborhoods. No doubt, Midtown has something for everyone.

Consider the following about Midtown:

1. We have world class gyms: Whether you are just starting out or you’re a professional athlete, you can find a number of great gyms around town including Equinox, the Granite Club, and others. The fitness accommodations are perfect for the on-the-go professional with numerous opportunities for fitness classes, including yoga, Pilates, and cycling. Track Fitness in Forest Hill, which has the best circuit classes I have ever been to, including great yoga, spin, and personal training is always on my weekly “to-do” list. Additionally, area residents can find opportunities for skating and swimming at places like the Granite Club, which is situated on a beautiful 22-acre site bordering Don Valley. If Yoga is more your scene, consider The Eco-friendly Roots Yoga Studio or the 889 Yoga studio that offer everything from Classical hatha to Teen Yoga classes.

2. Natural, Organic Grocery Stores, & Farmer’s Markets: Midtown has an abundance of fresh produce and organic food stores, making eating healthy, easy and convenient. Whole Foods, Pusateries, and Noahs are all great examples of the choices we have in the immediate area and which I frequent often. The Evergreen Brick Works Farmer’s market is one of my favorite places to pick up delicious fresh produce, free of pesticides and brought in by local farmers. I simply love shopping at this market! It celebrates everything that is great about our city – various diverse communities working together to offer sustainable products, GMO-free foods, and fair trade that benefit a thriving food economy.

3. Fitness and Recreational Equipment: We are fortunate to be able to have fitness and sports equipment and recreation providers in Midtown. Formost Fitness on Eglinton Avenue, which has been serving the community for over 15 years and have earned a great reputation for excellent customer service for residential and businesses clients.

4. Private Trainers: In this healthy, active town, you’ll also find private trainers to help you get into shape and meet your fitness goals. Fight off stress and work towards your goals with one of the many trained fitness trainers. As someone who has spent considerable time as a professional fitness trainer, the opportunity to be fit and healthy with the help of professional can increase the quality of your life. Residents can take advantage of a variety of fitness programs offered by experts in their field. Places like the Running Room, which has running clinics and resources by their areas best runners are always available.

5. Highly rated healthy restaurants: Many of us enjoy setting off for weekly local gastronomical adventures. In Midtown there is no shortage of great choices to eat healthy. One of my favorites is Earth Rosedale, which changes its menu from season to season, always satisfies even the pickiest of palates.

6. Hiking Trails: Blessed with natural beauty, the local area is filled with great trails, including Don Valley Brick Works, a wonderful place for nature lovers, families, and kids. Here, visitors will find the Koerner Gardens, a 20,000 square foot area, which showcases sustainable urban greening and which serves to inspire cultivating home and community gardens. Additionally, Midtown also has beautiful and world class golf courses (Rosedale) where residents can enjoy themselves. I also love the variety of tennis clubs that are family-friendly and offer community events and classes.

Add Beauty and Elegance to Your home with Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs can be purchased in a great variety of colors and patterns, and will add beauty and elegance to your home décor. When you decide to decorate a room, consider choosing one or more of these exciting and durable area rugs as a cornerstone for your color and design choices. If you are adding a rug to an existing decorating plan, you will have no trouble finding one that complements the choices already made. Although oriental rugs are found most often in living rooms and dining rooms, they are also a popular choice as runners for high traffic areas, for foyers, and even for bedrooms. Your home decorating scheme can include them throughout the interior of your house if you really love them.

What is an Oriental Rug?

When the term “oriental” is used in reference to rugs, it means those rugs produced anywhere on the continent of Asia, and includes:

o Persian rugs – made in Iran (formerly Persia), the country that produces more handmade rugs than all other rug-making countries combined, and are considered by many to be the finest

o Afghanistan rugs – still woven mainly by nomadic tribes

o Indian rugs – mostly imitation of Persian designs, but of coarser wool

o Pakistan rugs – from the country that is the fourth largest rug producer in the world

o Caucasian rugs – from the region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, and characterized by bright red, rust, or burgundy colors, bold geometric designs, and narrow borders

o Rugs from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Tibet, and a host of other Asian countries

Each country produces its own distinct style and quality of rug, although many are imitations of Persian designs, as well as modern Tibetan and Indo-Persian designs. Making rugs by hand is an ancient art, and the designs reflect the religious and ethnic structures found in the history of the countries of origin. These designs are still produced today, sometimes by hand and sometimes within a modern rug-weaving industry. The common patterns are traditional floral or garden motifs, often with a central medallion, or a geometric or curvilinear design, or central scenes that look like paintings.

How to Choose Oriental Rugs for Your Home

To decorate with oriental rugs, it is important to take both color and design into consideration. The color should be harmonious with the other colors in the room in which the rug is to be placed and should repeat the dominant or accent colors, or include shades of one or more of them. If the colors are compatible with other colors in the room, even a modern home can be enhanced by the popular traditional designs in oriental rugs.

When choosing an appropriate design, consider how you are going to use the rug. If the center of the rug is going to be very visible, a medallion or central motif or scene is a happy choice. If, however, the center of the rug is going to be under a dining room table or under a bed, it would be better to chose one with a repetitive design or one where the most detail and interest is in the borders.

As well, very colorful rugs with very busy designs can bring a subdued room to life; simple designs and a limited color palette are better in a room that is already colorful and busy. Geometric designs work best in new or modern homes, and curvilinear designs are more appropriate for old and traditional homes. It is most important that the rug does not clash, in either color or pattern, with any other fabric in the room in which it is to be used.

How to Find a Good Buy

A reputable dealer or outlet will give you the “good buy” oriental rug for which you are shopping. Before you go to the store, give some serious thought to the color, design and size of rug you need, and how much you are willing to pay. If you have clear ideas of what you want and have made some decisions beforehand, it will reduce the dizzying number of choices facing you when you have to make your selection.

An antique oriental rug is the most expensive rug, of course, and even if cost is not an issue, authenticity is. Documentation for an antique rug, including the appraised value, is sometimes available, but if not, you can ask for an independent appraisal or a guarantee if you don’t know the dealer.

Most people, however, are not buying an antique, and are simply interested in choosing a beautiful rug and getting good value for their money. It is possible to find a discount oriental rug, or a wholesale buy if you shop around. Whether the carpet is cheap or expensive from your point of view, it is important that you understand the factors that affect the cost.

These are:

o Natural or synthetic fibers

o Method of production – handmade or machine woven

o Intricacy and rarity of design

o Region of origin

Wool is the most expensive fabric, but it is warm, durable, dirt-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy to clean, and has become the standard by which all rugs are judged. Other natural materials used in oriental rugs are cotton and silk, and blends of wool and silk. These materials are more durable than synthetics and never release chemical gases into the air, which is significant to people with health concerns. If you are looking for a less expensive rug, synthetic fibers rather than natural are the answer.

The knots per square inch (kpsi) in an oriental rug is a good indication of its quality, and a high number of knots is usually an indication of durability as well as higher cost.

Expect slight inconsistencies and at least one imperfection in a hand-woven rug originating from a country in the Middle East. The philosophy, from an Islamic point of view, is that only God is perfect, and, therefore, nothing man makes should be perfect. A flaw will be carefully woven into each rug.

“Handmade” means that the rug has been constructed by hand, but it does not necessarily mean that it has been hand-knotted. “Hand-hooked” means the yarn has been inserted into a backing with a hand-held tool. Handmade, hand-knotted rugs are superior in quality to those made by machine made because a rug is more durable when each knot has been individually tightened. Expect to pay more for them.

You can beautify your home with oriental rugs if you give some careful thought to the colors and designs that will work best with your style preferences. By taking time to shop around and make sure that you are buying a quality rug from a reputable dealer, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful rugs for many happy years.

Better Smiles and Health Just Got Easier

Has the thought of going to the dentist kept you from enjoying a beautiful smile and chewing comfortably?
Has the fear of needles made your mind shriek in horror about dental visits?

What if you have some minor dental needs and are less anxious but still want to avoid the dreaded needle, the dysfunction feeling of numbness, or the sound of “the drill”?

For many people, going to the dentist can be a fate worse than death. At the very least 50% of the population in North America does not go to the dentist except for dental emergencies.

Thanks to advances in laser technology, a revolutionary instrument called the Waterlase MD often helps eliminate needles, numbness, and most of all, fear.

It gently and conservatively treats cavities, gum abnormalities, ulcers and even root canals– often without anesthesia. The secret is a proprietary Erbium Garnet wavelength of light that “turbo-charges” water droplets to cleanse the debris from the tooth and gums without the heat and vibration of the typical dental drill. Just like pressure washing the deck of a house -this time with a small precise method! Furthermore, the laser creates a “wave of analgesia” to make the tooth more comfortable – often desensitizing it. This “biostimulation” is a huge breakthrough with dental lasers by promoting a much better and quicker healing response with less need for medications.

One of the other advantages of the Waterlase MD is that by minimizing the need for anesthesia, a busy person can get their dentistry done in fewer visits as well as causing less interruption of their ability to speak or chew during the business day. Lastly, because of the healing powers of laser technology, gum abnormalities, infections and ulcers can be more comfortably improved than with conventional methods.

Patients and dental professionals have found the new technology to be nothing short of miraculous. People’s health and appearance respond so much more quickly with the laser than ever before. This is definitely the wave of the future.

For many years, dentists have made every effort to care for people’s smiles and health enhancements in the most comfortable manner possible – often using spa-like amenities and video glasses to add pleasantness to their visits. For some people with their natural fears or busy schedules, these extra courtesies helped but it was never enough. The depth of their concerns needed better technology.

The Waterlase has answered the prayers of many anxious people who have been avoiding improving their health and having the smile, they’ve always wanted. Their confidence and appearance are rejuvenated! Even better, they have positive memories and much less discomfort following their visit than with other techniques.