Better Smiles and Health Just Got Easier

Has the thought of going to the dentist kept you from enjoying a beautiful smile and chewing comfortably?
Has the fear of needles made your mind shriek in horror about dental visits?

What if you have some minor dental needs and are less anxious but still want to avoid the dreaded needle, the dysfunction feeling of numbness, or the sound of “the drill”?

For many people, going to the dentist can be a fate worse than death. At the very least 50% of the population in North America does not go to the dentist except for dental emergencies.

Thanks to advances in laser technology, a revolutionary instrument called the Waterlase MD often helps eliminate needles, numbness, and most of all, fear.

It gently and conservatively treats cavities, gum abnormalities, ulcers and even root canals– often without anesthesia. The secret is a proprietary Erbium Garnet wavelength of light that “turbo-charges” water droplets to cleanse the debris from the tooth and gums without the heat and vibration of the typical dental drill. Just like pressure washing the deck of a house -this time with a small precise method! Furthermore, the laser creates a “wave of analgesia” to make the tooth more comfortable – often desensitizing it. This “biostimulation” is a huge breakthrough with dental lasers by promoting a much better and quicker healing response with less need for medications.

One of the other advantages of the Waterlase MD is that by minimizing the need for anesthesia, a busy person can get their dentistry done in fewer visits as well as causing less interruption of their ability to speak or chew during the business day. Lastly, because of the healing powers of laser technology, gum abnormalities, infections and ulcers can be more comfortably improved than with conventional methods.

Patients and dental professionals have found the new technology to be nothing short of miraculous. People’s health and appearance respond so much more quickly with the laser than ever before. This is definitely the wave of the future.

For many years, dentists have made every effort to care for people’s smiles and health enhancements in the most comfortable manner possible – often using spa-like amenities and video glasses to add pleasantness to their visits. For some people with their natural fears or busy schedules, these extra courtesies helped but it was never enough. The depth of their concerns needed better technology.

The Waterlase has answered the prayers of many anxious people who have been avoiding improving their health and having the smile, they’ve always wanted. Their confidence and appearance are rejuvenated! Even better, they have positive memories and much less discomfort following their visit than with other techniques.