Creative Solutions for Beautiful and Young-Looking Eyes

The eyes are among the body parts that are mostly taken for granted. In this technology-driven world where most of the jobs require you to stare at a computer monitor for hours on end, the eyes can get easily strained and tired, which can result in dark circles under eyes and fine lines also known as crow’s feet.

Fortunately though, there are loads of ways you can keep your eyes beautiful and young-looking. Here we give you creative, out-of-the-norm solutions that don’t involve makeup or eye enhancers to keep your eyes looking attractive than ever.

• Cucumbers – Placing cucumbers on your eyes for soothing relief may be considered an old method, but it sure does effectively reduce the puffiness of your eyes and provides you a fresher and renewed appearance.

• Teabags – Yes, cucumbers aren’t the only items from the kitchen that you can use for your eyes. Instead of throwing your tea bags away after brewing tea, you can cool them in the refrigerator first and place them on your eyes. Tea’s numerous health properties and antioxidants can help keep the skin around your eye taut. They also trim down the swelling of your eyes.

• Cold spoon – A spoon is another item from the kitchen you can use for your eyes. Pressing a spoon (which has been cooled in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes) against the swollen part of your eye provides instant relief and less puffy eyes. This procedure can be repeated over and over. Don’t forget to leave the spoon in the fridge for a couple of minutes again though if it starts to warm up.

• Rose water – Tired eyes? Get therapeutic relief by making rose water eye pads. Simply dip a cotton wool into cold rose water and press them against your eyes.

• Mineral water – Refresh your tired eyes every day by bathing your eyes in cool mineral water three to four times a day.

• Herb Salad Dressing – Concoct a mixture of finely chopped parsley and a little sour cream in a cheesecloth. Apply the cloth to the puffy area of your eye for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Repeating the procedure two to three times a week can produce actual, visible results.

• Potato – Don’t like cucumbers? Why not try potatoes instead? To prevent discoloration around tired eyes and reduce puffiness, place thin slices of raw potatoes rinsed in cold water over closed eyes.